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The movers at Kilburn Movers showed genuine care when handling my goods throughout the process; they made sure to take all measures necessary to keep them safe throughout transit, which I am thankful for. Thankfully nothing suffered any destruction during the move! These guys definitely know their stuff when it comes to managing a relocation smoothly and safely.

  • Iris L.
  • 12May 2023

Kilburn Movers are a great company to hire for house moving. I got assistance from a mover and a vehicle for a cheap and competitive price. I am very happy!

  • Gerald C.
  • 21Jun 2016

The team at Removals Kilburn were the nicest removalists that I've ever met! I was very stressed about the whole move but their upbeat attitude and constant smiles calmed me down, and their efficiency and tireless work approach made me feel my move was in the right hands. I will certainly be recommending your services to all my friends.

  • Rita S.
  • 31Jul 2015

I have had a great deal of help with my last removal form the team at KilburnRemovals. Whilst I was expecting their help on the day, I was surprised at how useful they were outside of the actual job. Offering advice on planning and packing supplies meant that I was way better clued up than I would have been otherwise, and it is pretty much the only reason that I felt so confident going in to the job! I hope that others can benefit from their advice and knowledge as well!

  • Carolyn Lewis
  • 27Aug 2014

If anyone out there is concerned as to how they are possibly going to get a removal done without a stressful nightmare on their hands, then they should give KilburnRemovals a call. We used them for our recent removal, and it all went really smoothly, I couldn't believe it! We will certainly be using them again for our furniture removals should we need to do another one any time soon, though I sincerely hope that we don't as it was a massive amount of work, even with all the help!

  • Ann Campbell
  • 07Jul 2014

Have no reservations about recommending KilburnRemovals to all and sundry. There was a lot of pressure to get things right on the day, but problems were quickly and professionally overcome and I never worried for a moment! They had a very well thought out strategy for getting things done, and they delivered with aplomb. Can't fault them on any level - and will certainly be ringing them again if and when I need some moving help. I hear they also offer packing services, and I'm kicking myself for doing this solo (it took me ages!).

  • Luke Ford
  • 21May 2014